About MotileDC

Motile is a biological term which refers to the ability to move "spontaneously" and "actively", consuming "energy" in the process which refers to the biology of Data Centers! Fully redundant, fault tolerant and active data centers on the move!

MotileDC is the only enterprise worldwide fully dedicated to “mobile” data centers and rapid deployment and modular data center orientations. Motible DC experts have made innovative designs in their forms and layouts of data center facilities to facilitate today’s demanding fast deployment solutions with highest possible capacity, compactness, practicality and usefulness while including all the latest technologies ever developed and incorporating highest data center standards, primarily ANSI/TIA standard and Tier classifications.

MotileDC’s Mobile Data Center is a set of completely pre-fabricated data center in a self contained, compact, secure and transportable unit. MotileDC series employ modular designs for quick, easy and flexible deployment. We combine high-density and energy-efficient features with design best practices to help customers lower their data center construction cost and operating expense (OPEX).
Proven Experience
Our active R&D and Engineering departments are built out of industry veterans with years of experience and have a combined design, development and on-site data center building and maintenance expertise. We pride ourselves for being simply the experts on the subject matter!

Focused Dedication
We are the only entity worldwide that simply designs, builds and operates mobile data centers as its sole product and solution. That’s why 100% of our effort is routinely put into developing a wide range of effective data center solutions that meets different industry verticals and specific needs to perfection.

We Stay Away from IT Vendors
Unlike many other providers of mobile data centers who are IT manufacturers and vendors and offer mobile DCs in order to provide more sales space (rack space) to house their IT goods, we solely build Mobile Data Centers for Mobile Data Centers to host whatever IT platform your organization works with or plans to migrate to. Our focus is to provide our clients around the world high-capacity on the lowest foot print, compact, modular, cost effective, precision cooled, highly-secured, environment independent and technologically advanced hosting facilities for IT infrastructure.

Varied Options
We provide wide range of possibilities of what we believe are the winning scenarios of owning and operating mobile data centers. We don’t just have one or two designs and off-the-shelf templates, rather we have different packages for different needs and requirements with a world of possibilities in power, cooling, efficiency, mobility and security.

Without exaggeration we treat our clients as our partners. It is only through the relationship with our clients that we spread the word and build our business beyond borders and assist your organizations better and more efficient day by day. This enables us to biologically and spontaneously move around the world as our innovative data centers actively do.

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